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If photography is your hobby or you work as a professional photographer, you can’t even imagine how lucky you are. Photographers can make good money from home by selling their photos to stock photography websites. Unlike other with jobs for photographers, requires no contracts – you only get to produce your content and sell it on this royalty free image marketplace. is one of such Internet resources and they pay cash for your photos. Currently, the registration at is totally free and the registration form is the only thing, which keeps you back from instant Internet earnings.

Uploading photos to is totally free, but all the submissions are pre-screened before they are added to the microstock photography marketplace. Make sure you have read and understood all the process of making money by selling photos at

Photographers receive 65% of the money generated by their photo sales (35% is considered to be processing fees, which are collected with Alamy’s owners). is a reputed website with thousands of photographers on file and allows them to generate profit with their freelance photography skills. Millions of images have been already sold and I think that Alamy is a strong player on the market of micro stock merchants. I do hope that this website will help you earn more cash from your images and finally you will be able to make money with the help of your photography skills and may be you will be able to start making even more cash by taking photos.

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