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India is a gorgeous country and I am very lucky to start living here. As far as I am interested in blogging and money-making, I have found out about ways of making money online for free. Here I will be featuring the results of my Internet work. So far I am testing such ways of making money as getting paid to upload files (a cool way to get paid for something we already do), posting on forums for money (are you still using forums and not trying to earn money with discussion boards), writing content for money (earning money by writing articles and reviews is probably the most popular way of earning money, thousands of people do it and have great success).

Making Money by Writing Articles

Quality content could make any project a winner and anyone, who can produce quality content is capable of making money online for free. This way of earning cash is totally suitable for India and this is my main stream of income nowadays. I am working on making a list of best sites for making money by writing articles and you can find this list here: list of get paid to write websites.

Get Paid to Review Sites and Products

Earning money by writing reviews is somehow related to the previous section but I wanted to divide it into a separate thing, because I think that these ways of making money for free are somehow different. Making money by writing reviews is a bit more complex, because it requires you to have actual experience of using the sites or products you will be writing about. Anyways, a full list of sites, which pay money for writing reviews is already published in my make money online blog.

Get Paid to Upload Files (Images, Music, Documents, Photos)

My everyday-life forces me to share a lot of documents. I send ebooks to my blog readers, I have fun with my friends online and send them images, photos and videos. Luckily I have found a good deal of websites, where I can share my documents and earn money with no investment. This is a great idea for those, who want to earn money online for free because “get paid to upload” sites accept members from all countries of the world, so Indians are more then welcome. The concept of earning money by sharing files is very simple – you register with a get paid to upload site, share your files, promote download links and get money for every generated download. If you would be interested in such a way of making money, then please check out my list of best get paid to upload sites and enjoy this free way of earning money in India.

Earn Money with Paid Social Networks

The web2.0 era simply amazes me – in the last several years we have got dozens of new creative social networks, which allow us not to only stay in touch with our friends, share images and music but also they give us an interesting opportunity to make money by using them. Even though you can’t become rich fast and social networks, it is still an exciting way to earn money in India. Please check out my category earn cash in India with social networks to see what sites I have featured there. I do hope that you will like it.

Make Money for Answering Questions

It is not a secret that any one of us in an expert in some field of knowledge and you are not definitely not an exception. Personally I have been working with WordPress for a long time and I know how to use it pretty well and now when I found out about a way to earn money by answering questions, I try to monetize my knowledge. So far I came across several sites, which pay money for answering questions and giving advice – please check them out, if this work from home opportunity interests you. Most of the sites are suitable for Indians and I have checked that on my own skin.

Earn Money with Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

If you came across the topic of earning money online, then you probably know the most popular adverting company and a way to make money online for free – Google Adsense. Earlier on you could have earned money with adsense only with your own site but now you can use Google Adsense revenue sharing sites and make money with Adsense without having your own sites. Right now there are several types of revenue sharing sites – they pay to write content, post on forums, be active, contribute to their community and promote their sites. If you have an adsense account and would like to earn money with adsense revenue sharing, then please take a look at my category, where I share links to the sites, which give money for the activities listed above.

Get Paid to Play Games and Participate in Contests

As the old English saying states – all work and no play made Jack a dull boy, so when you are trying to earn money online for free you shouldn’t forget about the fact you have to rest well and have fun, when you get some free time. In this category I want to show you some sites, where you can earn money while having fun – these are the sites, which reward their members for being active, playing games and participating on contests.

Make Money Online with Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking websites gained tremendous popularity and now they allow us not only to safely store your bookmarks online and promote our websites but also to make money online. Most of the time these sites use revenue sharing and it is hard to become rich overnight with these sites but still they could become a nice earner for you, if you treat this free way of earning money seriously. Earning money with social bookmarking is a nice way to generate some easy cash, so please check out time category too.

This page will be updated and revised as frequent as possible, please stay tuned.

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