Search engine wars or simply Google vs. Yahoo

Internet is growing at top speed and it is not a secret that such web-monsters as Yahoo and Google literary rule the web development. How do they do it? Well, there are two clearly visible approaches here – now these corporations develop their own projects, which get picked up quickly and receive immense amounts of traffic and users.

And the second approach is all about the money. Whenever an external project gets popular, bigger Internet corporations do their best to buy out such potential virtual properties and later on just relaunch them under a brand new name.

Google Vs. Yahoo – What’s your call?

And I have some good examples here, Google successfully got rights for such killer projects as YouTube, Picasa, Feedburner and so on, while Yahoo owners were the ones to buy such awesome projects as MyBlogLog and Delicious. But does this seem a fair battle to you? Who is more successful in such a rivalry?

On one site it is Google, which now offers a large range of services, including software development and incompatible contextual ads, and on the other side,, which used to have the #1 Alexa spot and spends a lot of money in order to create rivalry to the domination of

Anyways, the reason for creating this article was a large number of rumors about Yahoo closing such projects as MyBlogLog and Delicious, so I would really like to know whether they are giving up, or just bluffing in order to create a project, which will make hair stand on Google owner’s end. Actually, I have high hopes for the competition between and and I am looking forward to any information regarding new projects of these sites and possible potential of their development.

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